Wow, it’s been three years since I first released this remix of Kerli’s “Army of Love.”

I remember the feeling when I started working on this remix. ย It just about the first real remix I had done and I was just completely lost. ย I didn’t know where to start, wasn’t sure what I wanted it to sound like, and felt completely out-classed by the other remixes I heard in the competition. ย (It was on Indaba). ย 

I relied heavily on the original sounds in the song because I didn’t know how to do any sound design beyond the presets in the synthesizers I was using and, in all honesty, I didn’t know how to write a great song.

Nonetheless, I thought it turned out really well and it’s exciting to celebrate a song I made three years ago today. ย 

Reminisce with me :)

Here is my latest release: a remix of Heartbeat originally by Childish Gambino.

This is a track that I’ve messed with in many different versions and this is the one I fell in love with the most. It’s a little bit of a deviation from my previous work but I felt that it felt right so I wanted to put it out for you all. ย The main sound you hear in the beginning is a kind of guitar/bass hybrid that I loved. ย It allowed me to create a really minimal sound and mess with some minor textures I hadn’t before.ย 

I hope you love this just as much as I loved making it. Be sure to also grab your FREE DOWNLOAD :)

I’m coming out with a new Childish Gambino remix on Thursday 8/7. It will be available for a free download.

I’m cruisin’ in the meantime with this preview. #newmusic #nowplaying #love

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